• Durango (DRO) Airport is often the most convenient and least costly flight option.

  • Durango Airport – About 15 Miles from Downtown Durango

Durango Flyer – SAVE on Durango Colorado Flights!

A Durango Flyer…

  • Will often receive the fastest total travel time to/from Durango Colorado
  • Frequently pays the best total travel cost
  • Flies to the most convenient airport when traveling to Durango, Colorado.
  • Supports the local Durango economy
  • Helps the Durango (DRO) Airport get more flights
  • Arriving or departing from the Durango Airport maximizes their time in beautiful Durango!

The Durango (DRO) airport is most convenient to leisure attractions like:

Among many other natural wonders in and around the Durango Area.

(DRO) is the also the most convenient airport to:

The Durango (DRO) Airport also provides a fantastic alternative for those looking to travel to Telluride, Colorado.

Durango La Plata County Airport (DRO) Summary: The Durango airport is within 15 miles of the town of Durango, Colorado. Currently there are three carriers (American, United, Frontier) flying to three non-stop hub airports (Denver, Dallas, Phoenix) year-round. There are from 9 to 16 daily flights.

(DRO) – DURANGO AIRFARES ARE OFTEN COMPETITIVE WITH BIGGER CITY AIRPORTS! Check our Flight Deals page to see the special deals.

Flying Durango (DRO) shows you value your time… Albuquerque is a 3.5 hour drive! Denver is a 7 hour drive! This is time you need to add on to your flight time to get the total travel time to your destination!